Welcome to mummy miller life blog

I started this blog as a sort if therapy, I surfer from anxiety and depression, so I thought by doing this blog I could write how i’m feeling, and actually do something that I love.

I have always enjoyed writing, as a child I loved English creative writing, creating new characters and making up stories. I even tried my hand at writing a novel, I didn’t get very far though.

So a little bit about me
My name I Holly, I have two children Chloe-Mae and Maisie-Rose, we live in a village in Bedfordshire. i am a full time mum to my girls, and I guess i’m filling my time with this blog.
im in the process of doing my health and safety qualification, as I want to give my girls everything I had in life.

I’m excited to see where this blog ends up and what i can gain from it.

Until next time

Holly x

don’t judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, because it will live its whole life believing its stupid – Albert Einstein