It’s been a while…

The last time I posted I said I would do a review on skinny coffee… well I can't do a review on something that never showed up, I even complained to the company who said they had sent it and would get back to me and if I didn't receive it on the next few days I would get refunded, it never arrived, so I went to holland and Barrett to buy the 14 day programme or whatever it was, I can't tell you if it worked because I am still breastfeeding my youngest, and after taking the coffee for about a week I noticed a change in her poo, scared me so much I was down a and e making sure I hadn't hurt her in anyway. I complained to the skinny coffee brand, because it does not state "do not take if breastfeeding" although they said it does but I even looked on seveal times it doesn't. So for now I have stopped taking it. I have since started doing meal plans for the week to keep on track and not eat loads, and also been working out when I can including the kids with me, and going on walks with our dog, and just in general getting out the house. I'm yet to see a change but they say it takes about 12 weeks for ourselves to notice a change. I'm not fat but I just don't want my mummy tummy or legs anymore. Let's see how long this lasts.
I have so much to update on and have been writing out future blog ideas that I want to talk about, to be honest this blog is merely here so I can talk about everything on my mind. I have so much going on in my head I need somewhere to vent about it.
Anyway till next time
Holly xx


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