Finally a new year, Christmas just flew by, I always feel like Christmas has so much hype, with everyone rushing around and buying presents for their loved ones, spending hours, neatly wrapping presents and a load of money on sellotape and within a couple of hours BOOM gone and then everything you brought people is half price in the Boxing Day sales.  However saying that, I did spend A LOT of money on my girls and I totally enjoyed seeing their faces light up when they opened their gifts.
So yeah, its 2018, every year I say things will be different this year I will do something I wouldn’t normally do, but I never ever stick to it. but this year will be different (again say that every year) I’ve decided to write or start a bucket list, with everything I want to do, see, achieve, and make a pact to do it. one thing I can tick off is Disney land Paris, I have been before but this year me and my partner have planned a surprise trip for our eldest who will be turning 5. this will be our FIRST family holiday, and I mean as a proper family.
And I cannot wait, I need ideas though of things that I can get her to help her guess where we are going, its a surprise but honestly I want to tell her now but I will have to wait until march.
I hope everyone has a good new year and celebrate in style.


Until next time

Holly xx


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