Evening Routine

Good evening all, this is my typical evening routine that happens during the week.

3pm: I start to get my shoes on and sort out my youngest Maisie, ready to go and collect Chloe from school, the walk to school is about 5 minutes the school day doesn’t finish until quarter past but I like to get there early although saying that they were running late today and didn’t come out until 20 past 3!! so we were standing there for ages!!.
3.50pm: we finally get home after the long wait for Chloe to come out of school and talking to friends and stopping to talk to my partners mum. on this occasion we had to pop to our post office to sort out my daughters passport for Disney, only to be told the form was filled out wrong and we needed to re do it all again, we also popped into costa for a coffee and a sit down to chill, and Chloe told me all about her day at school.

5pm: I’m ready to sort out dinner, and tonight its sausage and mash for the girls and me and my partner are having steak and mash, while I’m sorting out dinner the girls are running wild in the living room and making a massive mess, while the food is cooking I take the time to clean as I cook and sort the washing out and wash any dishes and put anything away. I think this is the main time things actually get done. I also love to watch youtube videos while I’m sorting everything out.

6.15pm: ALAS this is normally the time I bath the girls and get them ready for bed, because they share a room I have to put Maisie down first, I am still breastfeeding Maisie, so while I’m feeding her Chloe spends some time on her iPad, when I come down from getting Maisie to sleep, Chloe then spends sometime downstairs with myself, we normally reading a book from school and looking at letters and sounds that she needs to learn. this is my favourite time of the evening because its just me and her and we get to be together and spend time together without her mouthing off to me and its just nice, she  normally tells me that she is tired and wants to go up to bed. I sometimes do have to tell her its time for bed but on this occasion she actually took herself up.
7.30pm: Chloe goes up to bed and I sort her water bottle out with new water, giver her a kiss and cuddle, and head downstairs to start prepping dinner for me and my other half. I like to get it ready for where he comes home after work, so I double check when that is tonight he was a little earlier and came home at 8. before he came home though I watched an episode of greys anatomy (I have actually watched them all but I’m re watching them) which I’m obsessed with.. as soon as my partner comes though the door the tv is charged to something he wants to watch.
9.30pm: my other half doesn’t live with me so this is the time he normally goes home, we spend the evening just us two catchy up on the day and talking about holidays and what money we need to save. after he goes I lock the house up, get the girls clothes ready for the next day and gp upstairs to start getting ready for bed. I take my make up off, put my hair up, and get into bed, I sort out my diary and find out what I will be doing the next day, and then spend some time going through emails, planning a few games on my phone and going trough social media. this evening I also spent my time writing this blog post.
10.45pm: and now its the end of the blog, I’m ready to go to sleep and dream happy dreams. I’m ready for the next day but also ready to get a good nights sleep which never happens because my youngest wakes up pretty much EVERY night at 4 for a feed (I really need to stop night feeding her).

anyway Goodnight all
until next time

Holly xx



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