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only just getting round to writing about our experience in Disney land Paris. I want to say it was magical and amazing and stress free but reality is, we should have waited until the kids were a lot older to go, however that doesnt mean we didn’t have fun. because we did, my 5 year old at the Start was so excited about seeing everything but since I last went a lot of things have changed – but then again that was about 20 odd years ago.


when we first arrived to disney it was a lovely day, but then mid day is when the rain started, and let me tell you it didn’t just run it poured, none of the characters were out, and if they were there was a massive line that you had to wait in, in the rain, all the rides  had hour and a half waits, and my youngest couldn’t go on half of them which meant either me or my partner was having to wait in the rain. the one character we did see was Mickey and my daughter was over the mood About that. so yes it rained but we still tried so hard to have a good time, we walked past the characters that were outside, not getting signatures but taking pics of them and looking at them, most of them had specific spots that they were in which we found on the Disneyland app, which also gave us a low down of the time scales of the rides which actually was a life saver because it meant that we could see which had the shortest times and aim for them ones.


A few tips that would defiantly reccomend for anyone going with young children..
– bring bottles with you, for your kids and yourself, the prices of them are ridiculous in the park, I think we spent 60euros on drinks.
– take a packed lunch, or go for lunch before its lunch time, because of the rain a lot of the cafe and restaurants were mega busy, before we went to see Mickey Mouse, we walked past a traditional English restaurant and we were adamant we were going there for lunch, however by the time we came out of the building Mickey was in the line was literally out the door and was not moving, we then spent an hour walking round in the round looking for other places to eat, the kids were getting annoyed and, so were we. eventually found a fast food hot dog place and just grabbed something from there which again was packed, and cost us 50 euros, for 3 hotdog meals chicken nuggets and 3 drinks.
– go later in the day, yes there is a lot to do but if you have a plan for where you want to go before hand this is something too do. the kids don’t get annoyed either this is a lesson we learnt, we got to the park at 10 and ended up leaving before the parade at 5. I was gutted, but the kids were soaked. through and moaning and just wanted to go back to the hotel.
– go for more than 1 day, we had two days in Paris, but only spent one of the days at disney and the studios, I would have loved to spend more time looking round and going on different rides and anything we didn’t do we could have gone the next day, saying that, the studios didn’t really appeal to the kids but then we didn’t stay that long to see anything actually happening.


overall, we did have a good time but we went at the wrong time everything was magical and amazing and I think me and my partner loved it more than the kids. but at least we can say we took them. I think we were just proud that we paid for the whole holiday ourselves and didn’t end top leaving the kids behind when we were literally tearing out hair out from the moans and the screams.

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