Plane watching

Were not a weird family

So, I haven’t felt myself for the past few days, Maisie hasn’t really slept and I have felt really down, I plan on doing things and then end up changing my plans and doing nothing.
However today (Sunday) the kids were driving make insane, so I suggested plane watching..

why in the world would you want to go plane watching, but OMG let me tell you I am obsessed and that sounds so stupid and weird but I am.

When I was younger I used to go on holiday to Malta – beautiful country. My mum would go to Mcdonalds, buy our dinner,

Then we would park up at this sort of crumbling look out place, and watch the planes land. We would try and listen to the air traffic control radio of people standing on this bridge.
So anyway, me the girls and Danny, brought ourselves Mcdonalds lunch, (we also had some free food from the monolpy which we gave to the homeless man who is always outside) and then went to the watching fence.


I don’t think the girls have ever been plane watching, or if they have they haven’t really been old enough to understand, but this time they were hooked and actually didn’t want to leave. Chloe kept waving goodbye and shouting “have a good holiday” Maisie of course was copying her which was the cutest

Danny kept making silly jokes about how the private jets had the Kardashians in – he seems to think he is some kind of celebrity and knows them all – I actually had a really good time.

It was really rubbish weather as well so we didn’t get out the car, the guy in the car next to us had a radio, an iPad, binoculars and everything, talk about pro plane watcher.

We actually had a good day out and on the way home the girls were really tired and ended up falling asleep what better way to spend a Sunday.

Until next time

Holly xx


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