Pantene Micellar water Shampoo

Today has been the hottest day of the year I think so far.. and I say so far because well tommorw is meant to be hotter, im currently writing this blog post in my garden in the evening weather, Bliss!

So I’ve decided to do a review of a recent product that I have been LOVING at the moment.

Pantene Micellar water shampoo.


Before I started using this product I was using Aussi shampoo and also garnier that was putting more and more oils and product into my hair that was weighing it down, making it feel heavy.
After a day my hair would start to look greasy, and lifeless, all I wanted to do was shove it up and hoped it looked okay, however after being told about Pantene’s micellar product I was excited to try it but also a bit nervous, as I struggle to find a good shampoo and conditioner that agrees with my hair.
My hair is thick, it also has colour in it a ultra violet colour to be exact, I need a shampoo and conditioner that makes my hair have some kind of life to it also to have a bit of shine and doesn’t go greasy within a day.

Well let me tell you this is EXACTLY what this does, the formula is light weight, gives my hair a shine, and I can go without washing my hair for about 3 days before I need to wash it again, which is what I need for a mum of two, The conditioner is a thick formula, but nourishes the ends of my hair giving it life, and making it look and feel healthy.

I think the main thing that attracted me to this was the fact its got micellar in the title, I use micellar water on my face to remove my make up, and my face is left feeling fresh and clean.
I’m not saying other shampoos don’t leave your hair clean because they do, however for someone that does have – I don’t like saying “greasy” hair because its not greasy its just natural oils produced by your body to nourish the hair and actually using shampoo’s strip them out but thats a whole other ball game – but this product is exactly what I needed to make my hair have some sort of life and bounce, in fact now it has a mind of its own, i’m in love.
Its currently on sale at Superdrug for £1.95 down from £3.00. which actually is a bargain.
I defiantly recommend this for people who are wanting a bit more life and bounce in their hair.

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