top 3 Best and Worst baby products

Back in 2013 I became a first time mother to my beautiful daughter Chloe-Mae. I had just turned 19, still living at my mums house, with about £600 in the bank to get me through.

I would love to say that I had everything I wanted for me and my daughter but the reality was I didn’t. it didn’t take me long to realise that, Im pretty sure I brought every single product on the market, and everything HAD to be branded. I soon learnt that it was paying for the brand name rather than the quality of the product.

moving on 5 years later, I now have another baby, Maisie-Rose, after my experience with my first born i had an idea about what it was that I actually needed this time and what was good and what wasn’t. Lets just say I have saved A LOT of money.

So i’m going to share with you my best and worst products.
(This is in no particular order)

  1. Nappies
    so lets face it, branded nappies always seem more appealing, but are they? now i’m sure i’m not the only one who has tried pretty much every brand out there. but yet I always seem to go back to Aldi own brand ones.
    Pampers are pricey, I believe at the moment they are about £5.00 for 24 nappies for a jumbo pack, or 2 for £12.00 or something like that, you then have the different ranges from pants, active fit, dry nights the list goes on. my experience with these, are awful. it might just be because my daughter has sensitive skin but for some reason every time she has them, she seems to come out in a horrid rash, and on one occasion she actually ended up with a burn on her private parts, that was so sore that she couldn’t wee properly and she was in sp much pain, so I now avoid these at all costs, – I did report them to pampers and did actually get some vouchers, but that didn’t really sort out the burns she had. Although they claim that they are super absorbent, and will keep them dry for 12 hours and whatever else, they don’t and they always end up leaking all over her clothes at night which must be horrid for her.
    Mamia Aldi Always seem to be the best ones that I have used  nd still use, they are voted mother and baby gold 2017 for best disposable and nappy brand. they are also recommend by net mums and good housing keeping approved. and whats better they are so bloody cheap. and do the job they are meant to do.
    for £2.99 you can get 42 nappies, you can also get a jumbo box for about £5.00 or something as well, which honestly is just amazing. they don’t get my daughters clothes wet, they don’t give her a rash and they just are amazing!
  2. teething gel and granuals
    yes this is probably the most frustrating thing EVER to buy, because there is so many different things on the market. Bonjela, Teetha, then you have the granuals and the own brand products and then good old Calpol.
    Yes Calpol does the trick but when you have given them that and they are still in pain you need something else.
    bonjela is good, but have you ever tried to put this stuff on your teeth it literally feels like your not putting anything on their poorly teeth, and the end up eating it and I feel personally that it doesn’t do anything – apart from taste nice, but it is reccomend by most health visitors which I guess is a plus, its sugar free, and at £3.99 a tube you can’t really go wrong and also a little bit goes a long way, however I do find myself probably putting more on my daughters teeth then I should. its good but lets face it there are better solutions.
    Ashtons and parsons teething granuals happens to be my favourite of all time however the price on the other hand isn’t.
    It is an all natural product that comes in a small sachet, and its been used for over 150 years, you don’t get a lot in it but like Bonjela a little does go a long way, it contains tincture of Matricaria which according to the website is extracted from “German Chamomile flower heads”. the powder is placed in the mouth of the child and its meant to numb the teeth and reduce symptoms of teething. and it defiantly does that. Currently at boots you can get 20 sachets for £5.00 or 30 sachets for £7.00 they defiantly aren’t cheap but they defiantly work.However recently I have found pretty much exactly the same product as this butits boots own brand which contains Chamomilla Recutita 6c and this is £2.99 – previously £3.99, for 24 sachets and I have been using these for the past week as im “trying to save money” and they are bloody amazing and do the same job as the Ashtons and parsons granuals. so thats a cheaper alternative if you don’t want to spend mega Bucks.3. Sleepyhead pillow
    So this product has to be my ALL TIME FAVOURITE thing I have brought, and I honestly swear by it, the sleepyhead comes in two different sizes the Deluxe+  0-8 months and the the Grande 9-36 months. a little background on my own situation and why I love it before I start telling you about this product.
    so my daughter never used to sleep through the night, being a breastfed baby she was pretty much waking up every two hours and I was at my wits end don’t get me wrong I love breastfeeding and I honestly feel thats the reason me and her have a really strong bond, however when you pretty  uch sleep deprived and running literally on tea and coffee needing sleep, thats when you need to out your hands up and say I need help. I h
    ad been told about the sleepyhead from my Mums partners daughter – my just going to refer to her as my step sister because it just so much easier. so she had one and said that it was a really good product so I did my research and it was and is the most priciest product I have purchased for my daughter just to sleep in. so I took the plunge – I say me my mum brought it for me. and that night my baby sleep through the night, and I generally believe its because of this.
    So the sleepyhead pillow… it suitable for cribs, co-sleeping, bed transitions, around the house and for changing bums, bonding, lounging, playing, resting and last but not least tummy. as you can see its very very universal and can be used for pretty much everything so you really are getting your moneys worth. its Made and designed ti be breathable and it complies with the British standard on air-permeability, meaning that you don’t have to worry about your child suffocating, as they can breath through the material. you can machine wash the cover in which it comes in, and it doesn’t harbour heat. I mean what more can you want, its designed to make your baby feel safe and snug, replicating the womb, it comes with its very own portable plastic case, and its lightweight.
    I have actually got both the grande and the deluxe because I really wanted my daughter to carry on using it, I highly highly recommend it. I have thought about selling my pods, but I now have decided to store them in the loft, sleepyhead also offer a lot of different covers for the pod which are bright and fun patterns. and you can also purchase replacements of the mattress sleeve for the next child. again the covers are costly. so now the important part pricing
    Deluxe+ – £150
    Grande – £230
    Covers range – £50-£175
    As I said yes it is very very pricey but highly recommend by myself and others


I will defiantly be doing another post on a few other best and worst products I have brought for my daughter. each product has a link to each website, and this is not a sponsored post this is all my own personally opinions

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