10 things you didn’t know about me


I want to share a few things that people don’t know about me, or some things that will surprise people. so lets start

  1. In upper school I was bullied – this is something I have spoken of, and people who bullied me will know who they are. I still see them occasionally waiting for the snide comments our the horrid looks, it was more verbal and mental bullying than physical I was never “ruffed up” but I was called alot of things and at one point I wanted to leave school and not come back, I didn’t want to get on the bus and I wanted to stay in bed and do nothing, to this day I do not know why they did it and trust me if anyone bullies my kids they will have me on their backs, and they will NOT get away with it. 
  2. I have 1 best friend – after school you move on from your friends they go off and do their things they move away and you loose contact, last year a girl came into my life and she has picked me up and made me a better person, im 100 percent there for her and she is for me too, I love her daughter like my niece, and she will always be my sister from another mister 😉
  3. I had my nipple pierced – this is a strange one but i’m being open here, I did have to take it out though half way through my pregnancy because well I wanted to breastfeed. 
  4. I have never done drugs EVER – when people find this out they seem so shocked, but I have never touched a drug in my life. and I don’t plan to – unless I go Amsterdam 🙂
  5. I love the rapper 6ix9ine – no explanation but im obsessed with with this guy 
  6. I have gone through 2 miscarriages – this is something I was debating to say or not as this is not something I talk about AT ALL. its not something I want to go into detail about but they were pretty close together, in august 2015 I miscarried my first and then in November 2015 I miscarried my second. I think this was the darkest time of my life and I hate thinking about it because I went through something that has changed me and has made me appreciate my daughters and the life I have give them. when I found out I was pregnant again in February 2016 again I was convinced I would miscarry again and I put off going to the doctors, put off telling anyone, the father of the baby wanted me to abort her and even booked a doctors appointment for me, but I refused to go. I new I could not get rid of this baby,  well 2 years later (almost) I now have a beautiful daughter and I do not regret keeping her not one bit. she is my rainbow baby 
  7. I first met my partner today when I was 12 – I remember the day I met this total rat bag, and little did I know I would be with him now 12 years later and have kids with him. He is the most AMAZING person and yes we have had our ups and downs and we fight like were in a war and my god he does my head in but I love him 
  8. I can’t stand the mums at the lower school my daughter goes to – now there are a select few that I talk to and have a laugh with and they are amazing but the others I think are all stuck up and cant stand, it is like im back at school, and don’t even get me started on birthday parties, its like a competition on on who has the most money. not cool
  9. I miss a friend – so this is one that is like hard he didn’t die or anything like that, but well we were closer and due to my partner at the time and now his partner we dont talk anymore and I do miss talking to him and I do miss seeing him and having a laugh, he has blocked my number and all of social media, to be honest I dont even know really what he is doing now, we both started work at homebase the same time. I do wish and hope he would get in contact because id like to see how he is and whatever else but I hardly doubt that will happen. 
  10. I love charity shops – I would much rather buy things from a charity shops than buy things new. you always find some goodies and I love it 

until next time

Holly xx


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