Letter to my Mum


Over the years you have been my rock, through my birth with Chloe, to helping my out when I didn’t know what I was doing with a newborn and even helping me with Maisie.

I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have you around.
I value the advice you give me, even if sometimes I don’t want to hear it, when i’m at my worst you still manage to pick me up off the floor and dust me down and make me see reason in my madness.

You always have my back and always there to help me out of sticky situations.

Even though I got pregnant young and now have two children, you are the most amazing granny in the whole wide world, and the girls love you more than anything, thank you for being there for them.

I take you for granted I know I do, I don’t ever want you to move because having you live just down the road from me is the best thing ever and if I could live next door to you I really would.

You support me in everything I do even when you don’t think I should do it, your still standing there cheering my corner (while moaning about it but still cheering).

Everything you did for me and amber as children has made us who we are today, you work so hard, and do the job you are best at, you have provided for us (and dad ) and given us the most perfect childhood, some would say we are spoilt (mentioning no names however im sure you can guess) but I would say we were privileged, holidays abroad every year, nice clothes, nice house, everything I wish I could give my children, and will give my children.

We never went without and I love you for everything you have done, given and taught me.

You are beautiful and strong and me and my girls are truly lucky to have you as a mum and a granny.

Me and the girls love you more than anything


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